What Are Men To Rocks and Mountains?

Always be kind and polite and have the materials to make a bomb.

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#she terrifies men because she forces them into their true shapes #she is the sea there is no room for pretense in her #she will not allow anyone to render her less than what she is #she will not allow others to be anything than what they are #barbossa is a corpse and davy jones is nothing more than shell and bone and ruin dredged up from the ocean floor #’calypso’ is greek for ‘to conceal to hide’ and that is her root#she is the truth waiting to devour you from beneath

I’ve been waiting to see Calypso on my dash.

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vlahosalex asked: BEING HUMAN and 1) favourite cast member 2) do you own anything related to this show? 3) favourite episodes


1) Hnyah Russell Tovey because he’s seriously cool OR Damien Molony because reasons.

2) ukidding. I have the whole series and a “leather” jacket which makes me think of Alex. MY HAIR. But actually woah I’m seriously lacking there. What is wrong with me?!


3) Meep. Either S3E1 because Annie and Mitch and he actually makes himself look like a decent chap for once or S5E2 (Pie and Prejudice) because: the name; Larry; Larry becoming dead; Lady Mary; talking about the problems with Hal and Alex’s relationship; Hal being all protective over Tom.

Thank you! I think I should now start buying more BH related things, yes?

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